Order, reorder and simply request the bill in restaurants using your smartphone. No registration is required and no personal user data is acquired.

Sales Increase

Your guests will order more from their smart phones, because MenuApp makes suggestions and your guest do not have to wait for the waiter.

Cost Savings

The service of MenuApp costs you 50 € a month. When using MenuApp you can save a lot of time and manpower.

Happy Guests

Your guests do not have to wait around unnecessarily for the waiter, because MenuApp keeps the order of incoming guest requests. No inconvenience when having multiple bills.

Happy Emplyoees.

100% workload relief for your employees.

Takeaway & Delivery

Offer takeaway and delivery to your clients. You pay no commission fees.

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have any further questions, please send us an email at

What is MenuApp?

With MenuApp your guests can order, request the bill and call the waiter from their smartphones. The waiter receives a notification on his tablet.

What do I need for the integration of MenuApp in my restaurant?

You need MenuApp table tents, MenuApp QR-code stickers and one tablet for your waiter. This is all you need.

How do I integrate MenuApp in my restaurant?

In order to display your menu in MenuApp we need your menu in digital form, e.g. a csv file. For the QR-code stickers we need your table numbers. Then you need a tablet for your waiter the App Menu Restaurant available in Google Play Store. The stickers and the table tents will be provided by us. This is all you need.

What language are available?

Currently, the MenuApp offers the languages german and english.

Why does not MenuApp offer take away feature?

With the take away feature you produce packaging waste. MenuApp goes green. MenuApp does not support environmantal pollution. Another reason for not offering take away: MenuApp is not developed for fast food restaurants. MenuApp does not want that the restaurants lose the contact to their customers. With the take away feature your restaurant becomes empty.

Is MenuApp free?

Yes, the basis edition is free. For upgrade please send a email to


MenuApp system supports following products.

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